Sandia National Laboratories and Kansas City Plant Competitive Alternatives

Sandia National Laboratories and Kansas City Plant Acquisition Strategy -- Competitive Alternatives

Welcome to the National Nuclear Security Administration's (NNSA) website for the Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) and Kansas City Plant (KCP) Competitive Alternatives. This website is established to facilitate dissemination and exchange of information with industry and other interested parties, including other Federal agencies, on potential acquisition alternatives, while promoting vigorous full and open competition.

The NNSA Nuclear Security Enterprise is characterized by its preeminent nuclear weapons scientific, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities. Leveraging these capabilities, NNSA is moving toward a smaller and less expensive enterprise that maintains the highest levels of security and safety. NNSA will increase its contributions to national security by establishing a responsive infrastructure that operates more cost-effectively. Essential mission capabilities will be maintained, while enabling more resources to be applied for mission solutions rather than support functions. Although the infrastructure primarily enables Defense Programs (DP) mission work, it also provides critical support for NNSA national security missions outside of DP. The infrastructure also supports work for other agencies.  

In conjunction with the decision to conduct a competition for the management and operation (M&O) of SNL, NNSA is considering the potential benefits and challenges of acquisition strategies that include combining all or part of the SNL work scope with M&O work now performed at one or more other sites, including the KCP. Physical relocation of facilities and mission operations is not under consideration. NNSA is seeking information from industry (click on Request for Information for details and submittal instructions) to assist it with market research for follow-on competition for the SNL M&O contract and the KCP M&O contract.

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  • August 20, 2012: The RFI has been amended to increase the page limitation on responses to 20 pages, in lieu of 10 pages. No other changes to the RFI are made. The RFI amendment is available here.

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