Small Business

NNSA's Small Business Program Office is dedicated to serving small businesses by providing the latest information regarding small business policies, programs, procedures, and upcoming opportunities.

Message from the NNSA’s Senior Business Source Manager:

"Maximizing the participation of high-performing small businesses in NNSA procurement activities adds value to our programs and mission. Small businesses are expanding their capabilities and competencies every day and we look to benefit from their innovation and dedication. NNSA’s small business programs and procedures provide the keys to small business success enterprise-wide."


To support the NNSA's goal to further strengthen national security through the military application of nuclear science; maintain and  enhance the safety, security, reliability and performance of the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile; and by reducing the global threat from terrorism and weapons of mass destruction -- while optimizing the participation of highly qualified small businesses.


Provide NNSA's program customers with only the highest quality, technically superior and competitively-priced small business suppliers.

  • Create and implement the government's best enterprise-wide small business strategies and program
  • Maximize procurement opportunities for small businesses throughout the entire NNSA enterprise
  • Provide integrated training, innovative methodologies, and responsive systems through which NNSA procurement staff can optimize the inclusion of high-quality small businesses – positively impacting timelines, costs and mission accomplishment

See the Small Business Brochure here.

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