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Alternative Dispute Resolution

The NNSA Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program is designed as an alternative to resolve disagreements between employees, managers, and/or peers. The program may be utilized for disputes resulting from personnel issues, alleged discrimination complaints or other types of personal disagreements that employees may encounter within their work environment. Having to deal with these types of issues, regardless of what arena they fall into, results in an environment that is not conducive to high productivity or morale.


The NNSA Albuquerque Complex Field Office and Office of Secure Transportation employees use
 GenQuest (weblink) as their ADR provider.  Contact GenQuest at:
 (505) 246-2829
 (505) 246-0193 (Fax) 


The NNSA Forrestal & Germantown employees can contact the DOE Office of Conflict Prevention & Resolution (OCPR) for workplace conflict or workplace issues and resolution options.    Contact OCPR at (202) 287-1566 or (202) 586-6972.

OCPR Brochure

OCPR Mediation Form

DOE Ombudsman

NNSA federal employees may contact the Office of the Ombudsman at for non-EEO workplace issues.  Contact Ombudsman at (202)586-0500

Alternative Dispute Resolution Frequently Asked Questions (pdf,109KB)
Alternative Dispute Resolution Pamphlet (pdf, 340KB)