Workforce Statistics

Civilian Labor Force (2010) (29KB,pdf)

The Semi Annual Report provides age, disability, diversity, education, pay plan, retirement eligibility, years of service, and veteran's status data. The Year-End reports include the semi-annual information, as well as information on hires; separations; promotions; and historical data for those organization's where it is available, for five years.

National Nuclear Security Administration

NA-SH Associate Administrator for Safety & Health

NA 1 - Immediate Office of the Administrator

Kansas City Field Office

NA 00 - Office of Infrastructure and Operations

Livermore Field Office

NA 10 - Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs

Los Alamos Field Office

NA 15 - Assistant Deputy Administrator for Secure Transportation

Nevada Field Office

NA 20 - Deputy Administrator for Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation

Pantex Field Office

NA 30 - Deputy Administrator for Naval Reactors

Sandia Field Office

NA 40 - Associate Administrator for Emergency Operations

Savannah River Field Office

NA 50 – Associate Administrator for Safety, Infrastructure and Operations

Y-12 Field Office

NA 70 - Associate Administrator for Defense Nuclear Security

 NNSA Production Office

NA 80 - Associate Administrator for Counterterrorism and Counterproliferation


NA-EA Associate Administrator for External Affairs


NA-GC Office of General Counsel


NA-APM Associate Administrator for Acquisition & Project Management


NA-MB Associate Administrator for Management & Budget


NA-IM Associate Administrator for Information Management & Chief Information Officer