Gordon Bell Prize

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) scientists and collaborators set a new record in supercomputing in fluid dynamics by resolving unique phenomena associated with clouds of collapsing bubbles. The team won the Gordon Bell Prize at Supercomputing 2013 (SC13) in Denver, CO for the record-setting high performance computing calculation on Sequoia. (Right Image courtesy of Petros Koumoutsakos zVg/CSE Laboratory, ETH Zurich)


Gordon Bell Prize


A large-scale electronic structure simulation of the heavy metal molybdenum conducted on the world’s fastest supercomputer, BlueGene/L, earned a team led by a former and current Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) scientists the 2006 Gordon Bell Prize for “peak performance.”



rd 100


The technology known as Sapphire captured one of seven R&D 100 Awards received by Lawrence Livermore from the trade journal R&D Magazine for being among the top 100 industrial innovations worldwide for 2006.


NYF cert

red storm movie
The video “Red Storm Visualization Tour,” showcasing the Red Storm Supercomputer at Sandia National Laboratories, has received a Finalist Award in the prestigious 2007 New York Festivals International Film and Video Competition in the Mathematics and Computer Science Category.



tsf award

The Terascale Simulation Facility (TSF) Project at Lawrence Livermore National Lab has recently won the DOE Secretary’s Project Management Award of Achievement.




NYF award

Clarity Video Grab

Visions of Clarity (streaming video) was a bronze award-winning video at the 2004 International Film and Video New York festivals.




NYF cert

sc02 vid grab
The video, ASCI at Supercomputing 2002 (streaming video) was a finalist winner at the prestigious 2004 International Film and Video New York festivals.




Accolade winner

next ten years
The Tri-Lab video, ASC…the Next Decade (streaming video) won an Award of Excellence in the Industrial/Technical category of the 2004 Accolade Competition.





ASC highltscover
ASC Highlights 2003 (PDF) was the winner of an Apex Award of Excellence in the category “Special Purpose Brochures, Manuals & Reports.”




stc winner

The ASCI Technology Prospectus (PDF) was an STC winner of the International Award of Distinguished Technical Communication in 2002.