Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program

Program Overview

The primary goal of the Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program (PSAAP) is to establish validated, large-scale, multidisciplinary, simulation-based “Predictive Science” as a major academic and applied research program. The Program Statement lays out the goals for a multiyear program as follow-on to the present ASC Alliance program. This “Predictive Science” is the application of verified and validated computational simulations to predict properties and dynamics of complex systems. This process is potentially applicable to a variety of applications, from nuclear weapons effects to efficient manufacturing, global economics, to a basic understanding of the universe. Each of these simulations requires the integration of a diverse set of disciplines; each discipline in its own right is an important component of many applications. Success requires both software and algorithmic frameworks for integrating models and code from multiple disciplines into a single application and significant disciplinary strength and depth to make that integration effective.

Material from Kickoff Meeting (July 8–9, 2008)

    Program Statement for the ASC Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program [PDF]
    NNSA View of Predictive Science and Its Relationship with PSAAP [PDF]
    Request for Information for Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program II (PSAAP II) [PDF]

Center Information

For more details, please visit:

    California Institute of Technology
    University of Michigan Ann Arbor
    Purdue University
    Stanford University
    University of Texas Austin


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