defense programs

  • The Stewardship Science Graduate Fellowship (SSGF)The Stewardship Science Graduate Fellowship trains scientists to meet U.S. workforce needs in advanced science and engineering by providing
  • There are a wide variety of reports that address the world class research and experiments in ICF being performed on behalf of the U.S. ICF Program and stockpile stewardship. Some of these reports
  • Research, Development, Test, and EvaluationTest and EvaluationResearch and DevelopmentFacilitiesAcademic AlliancesInertial Confinement FusionReportsNational Ignition FacilityZ MachineOMEGA and OMEGA
  • Historically, universities have had a close relationship with the Department of Energy’s Defense Programs national laboratories. In fact, Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore have been operated for the
  • Mission StatementThe Office of Secure Transportation (OST) liaison program communicates with law enforcement and public safety agencies throughout the country, creating awareness of the OST mission
  • Kansas City National Security Campus (NSC), located in Kansas City, Mo., is the principal nonnuclear production site within the nuclear weapons complex, responsible for manufacturing and
  • ParticipantsAcademies: USAFA, USNA, USMA, USCGA, USMMA cadets/midshipmenNNSA Sites: LANL, LLNL, SNL, NNSS, Pantex, KC Plant, Y-12 Plant, Savannah RiverNNSA Headquarters: Defense Programs
  • This program places military academy cadets/midshipmen in tours of duty within science, technology, engineering, national security, and relevant fields at any of the NNSA sites. Participants will
  • The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Office of Defense Programs offers a suite of activities to enhance collaboration between NNSA’s eight sites and the U.S. Military/Service