stockpile stewardship

  • The U1a Complex is an underground laboratory at the Nevada National Security Site used for dynamic experiments with special nuclear material (SNM) and other weapon materials.  The Complex
  • The CFF firing chamber is the largest explosive chamber in the world, used for large-scale experiments using high-explosives with full containment of hazardous materials. The facility provides
  • The Office of ICF provides experimental capabilities and scientific understanding in high energy density physics (HEDP) necessary to ensure a safe, secure, and effective nuclear weapons stockpile
  • MissionEnsure the safety, security, and effectiveness of the nuclear weapons stockpile through well-managed scientific research, technology development, and advantageous international
  • Photo: DARHT's Accelerators help create the x-rays at DARHT, the world's most advanced radiography facility.Research and Development FacilitiesResearch and Development manages and oversees
  • There are a wide variety of reports that address the world class research and experiments in ICF being performed on behalf of the U.S. ICF Program and stockpile stewardship. Some of these reports
  • ICF operates a set of world-class experimental facilities to create HEDP conditions and to obtain quantitative data in support of its numerous stockpile stewardship-related activities.  To
  • Research, Development, Test, and EvaluationTest and EvaluationResearch and DevelopmentFacilitiesAcademic AlliancesInertial Confinement FusionReportsNational Ignition FacilityZ MachineOMEGA and OMEGA
  • The Office of Secure Transportation (OST) is managed by the National Nuclear Security Administration within the U. S. Department of Energy. OST is responsible for the safe and secure transport in