Work Schedules

The great jobs we have at NNSA also come with comprehensive benefits packages. They are among the best and most comprehensive available and play a vital role in demonstrating the Federal government and NNSA’s commitment to its employees.

Work Schedules Benefits iconNNSA offers a variety of work schedule options to help employees balance the demands of the workplace with personal responsibilities.  Depending on your type of job, options available to you might include part-time employment, alternate work schedules and telecommuting.

If you would like more flexibility in your schedule, an alternate work schedule might be right for you.  An alternate work schedule can give you an extra day off for personal errands and activities, assist you in caring for children or other dependents, create extra "personal time" to pursue educational or other developmental activities or help reduce work-related stress.  There are two types of alternative work schedules:

  • A compressed schedule involves longer but fewer work days, so that you can complete a full 80 hours during each biweekly pay period in less than 10 work days; your daily hours will be adjusted to give you one or two extra days off during the pay period.
  • A flexible schedule includes a variety of options, all involving "core" hours during which you must be present, coupled with flexible arrival and departure times.  

Telecommuting is another important option available to many NNSA employees to help balance work and family demands.  The telecommuting or "flexiplace" program is intended to improve the quality of work life and job performance, improve morale and help reduce work-related stress, as well as reduce air pollution and traffic congestion.

Participation in either the alternate work schedule or telecommuting programs is voluntary and subject to management approval.  These flexibilities vary by operating unit and are at the discretion of the unit’s supervisor.