NNSA Assists Mexican Government During Pan Am Games

Press Release
Nov 1, 2011

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) today announced that the NNSA Office of Emergency Operations provided assistance to the Mexican government in nuclear/radiological detection and adjudication during the recently concluded PanAmerican (PanAm) games. 

 The Office of Emergency Operations provided training and equipment to various Government of Mexico organizations responsible for nuclear/radiological emergency response, security and access control for the PanAm Games. 

 “Our strong relationship between the NNSA and the Mexican government was critical to ensuring the safety of the fans, athletes, and dignitaries at the PanAm games and I commend the work provided by the NNSA team,” said Joseph Krol, NNSA Associate Administrator for Emergency Operations. “NNSA’s comprehensive approach to nuclear/radiological detection and adjudication leverages the decades of experience we have at NNSA.”

 The training included International Radiological Assistance Program Training for Emergency Response (I-RAPTER) and International Radiation Medical Training (I-MED). The I-RAPTER training was provided to approximately 50 nuclear/radiological emergency responders and the I-MED training will be provided to approximately 100 medical professionals including doctors, nurses, hospital administrators and EMT personnel.

 The Office of Emergency Operations program also provided support to the National Commission for Nuclear Safety and Safeguards (CNSNS) including voice, video and data and GIS equipment for their Emergency Center and loaned CNSNS various radiation equipment for use during the games and had a five person team in Guadalajara, the site of the PanAm Games, to assist with equipment operations from the opening ceremony on Oct. 14 through the closing ceremony on Oct. 30. The games concluded with no major incidents and all personnel and equipment are enroute back home.

The assistance at the PanAm Games is part of NNSA’s commitment in assisting and working with the international community. NNSA currently collaborates with more than 80 foreign governments and 10 international organizations with projects ranging from providing assistance to foreign governments in improving their emergency preparedness and response programs, to joint collaborative activities to improve emergency management infrastructure worldwide.

For additional information see: NNSA’s Office of Emergency Operations

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