Stockpile Stewardship and Management Plan

This report is the Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration Fiscal Year 2015 Stockpile Stewardship and Management Plan.  It addresses the statutory requirements of Title 50 of United States Code section 2523 and related congressional requests.  This year’s Stockpile Stewardship and Management Plan is a summary plan and is intended to provide updates to the Fiscal Year 2014 Stockpile Stewardship and Management Plan

In order to assure our allies and deter potential adversaries as long as nuclear weapons exist, the United States must sustain a safe, secure, and effective nuclear arsenal and seeks to do so without underground nuclear explosive testing.  The National Nuclear Security Administration continues to work closely with the Department of Defense, through the Joint Department of Defense/Department of Energy Nuclear Weapons Council, to modernize the stockpile through timely execution of approved life extension programs, as outlined in this report.  The National Nuclear Security Administration’s technical scoping studies, cost and risk analysis, and resource allocation modeling of alternatives have informed this plan and support the Nuclear Weapons Council process.  Thus, with close collaboration between the Department of Defense and Department of Energy, this plan continues to support the Nuclear Weapons Council’s “3+2” strategy for the stockpile with some schedule adjustments.

To sustain a safe, secure, and effective nuclear arsenal, the Administration has, for the fifth consecutive year, increased the budget request for Weapons Activities.  If adopted by Congress, this budget request will increase funding by 6.9 percent over the previous year.  This increase will not only enable the important life extensions called for in the Nuclear Posture Review Report, but will also support the research, development, testing, evaluation, and manufacturing capabilities of the nuclear security enterprise.  These capabilities underpin our ability to conduct stockpile stewardship and solve the technical challenges of verifying treaty compliance, combating nuclear terrorism and proliferation, and guarding against the threat posed by nuclear technological surprise.  Finally, this continued commitment by the Administration is intended to energize the people at our national security laboratories, nuclear weapons production facilities, and Nevada National Security Site, whose intellect and commitment allow the Department of Energy to advance the President’s vision to move toward a world free of nuclear weapons.

The FY15 SSMP is available for download here.

The FY14 SSMP is available for download here.